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Nano Tech (NPB-5) Car Ambushing System

-Increase acceleration speed and climbing torque immediately.

-Engine noise reduction and quiet.

-No polarity distinction, parallel connection.

-Through the positive and negative poles of the vehicle battery as the conduction path.

-Effectively filter and absorb the conducted interference generated by the operation of the on board computer and the intelligent control system and high frequency parasitics

-Optimize in vehicle electronic components to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Nano Tech (NPP-5) Home Audio AC Power Purifier

-Apply to AC 110v~240v, 50Hz~60Hz.

-Plug the NPP-5 directly into the empty port adjacent to the audio equipment to filter and absorb the -radio frequency interference (RFI) in the AC alternating current.

-3C product switching power supply conducts noise, radiation interference reduces background noise, and improves sound quality purity.

-Improve listening resolution, balance of each frequency band, sound field depth and focal length, 3D image and elasticity.

Nano Tech (NTA-5) Home Audio Acoustic Processor

-Improves the counter-electrodynamic return amplifier generated from the speaker voice coil, while producing phase shifting within the amplifier.

-Stable impedance fluctuation and phase-shift interference.

– No withstand power limit.

-Zero internal resistance, zero load, zero loss.

-Depict the outline and rich the music, the audio-visual form, the luster of musical instruments, and the sense of fine air.




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